Morgan County man pleads guilty in murders

Justin Vandiver Slaughter entered a plea Thursday of Guilty but Mentally Ill for the murders of Paula Slaughter and Colin Patrick Smith. Judge Alison Burleson held a hearing on Mr. Slaughter's history, resulting in a finding that he suffered from schizophrenia but was, as the psychologist explained, not so impaired to be incompetent or to be overcome by delusional compulsion. He knew right from wrong, the Court found. Slaughter was sentenced to two (2) consecutive life sentences. Family members of both victims were in attendance and expressed appreciation for the work of law enforcement and the efforts of the District Attorney in securing the plea.

Supreme Court endorses Murder conviction

This morning the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the conviction of George Edward "Buzz" Price who was convicted in Morgan County for the 2010 murder of Jackie Price.

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