Health of Jurors primary concern for District Attorney's Office

This District Attorney's Office would like to say a public Thank You to Mrs. Janice Lam of Jasper County. Mrs. Lam has donated her time and labor (and that of her husband Mr. Tim Lam) to make individual masks for each of the 8 counties of the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit. She made masks to be used by citizens who will be eventually called in to serve as Grand Jurors in each of our 8 counties. The District Attorney's Office recognizes that this form of public service in these uncertain times is necessary but we are doing everything we can to ensure our citizens' health and safety. Again, thank you Janice Lam and Kraftastic Creations!!

Awareness Tree for July

This month, the Jones County District Attorney's Office is focusing on Self-Worth Awareness. Victims of unacceptable behaviors such as domestic violence, bullying, sexual assault, teen dating violence, elderly abuse, child abuse and human trafficking must learn that they are more worthy than their situation or circumstances. Life sometimes takes us in a negative direction, but we must realize that the situation is not who we are and does not determine our greatness. We must learn and teach ourselves on a daily basis how valuable we are to OURSELVES! We are worthy of total greatness!

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